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Faculty & Staff

Contact Andrea Brown Aldridge  Andrea Brown Aldridge Teacher
Contact Sandra Gutierrez  Sandra Gutierrez Teacher
Contact Rebecca Layman  Rebecca Layman Educational Assistant
Contact Margaret Loudat  Margaret Loudat Teacher
Contact Emma Lovato  Emma Lovato Educational Assistant
Contact Amberlee Marquez  Amberlee Marquez Educational Assistant
Contact Monica Newman  Monica Newman Teacher
1st Grade
Contact Meschelle Jensen  Meschelle Jensen Teacher
Contact Christine Nogan  Christine Nogan Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Underwood  Elizabeth Underwood Teacher
2nd Grade
Contact Shamarie Martinez  Shamarie Martinez Teacher
Contact Amabel Tafoya  Amabel Tafoya Teacher
Contact Courtney Willis  Courtney Willis Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Josephine Aspera  Josephine Aspera Teacher
Contact Allison Newberry  Allison Newberry Teacher
Contact Joyce Olivas  Joyce Olivas Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Angela Pacheco  Angela Pacheco Teacher
Contact Karen Wagener  Karen Wagener Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Julie Davis  Julie Davis Teacher
Contact Kathleen Hoessel  Kathleen Hoessel Teacher
Contact Lisa Leer  Lisa Leer Teacher
Contact Andrea Ruocco  Andrea Ruocco Teacher
Special Services
Contact Jacqueline Brady  Jacqueline Brady Special Education Teacher
Contact Stephanie Camarena  Stephanie Camarena Educational Assistant
Contact Mary Hettick  Mary Hettick Educational Assistant
Contact Elizabeth Hyde  Elizabeth Hyde Special Education Teacher
Contact Eleanor Lucero  Eleanor Lucero Interventionist
Contact Maria Marquez  Maria Marquez Title I Educational Assistant
Contact Teresa May  Teresa May Special Education Teacher
Contact Janie Romero  Janie Romero Educational Assistant
Contact Wanda Salazar  Wanda Salazar Educational Assistant
Contact Valerie Sena  Valerie Sena Special Education Teacher
Contact Jacob Trujillo  Jacob Trujillo Educational Assistant
SES Program
Contact Heidi Dudley  Heidi Dudley SES Assistant Principal
Contact Nathan Duschner  Nathan Duschner Educational Assistant
Contact Claudia Flores  Claudia Flores Educational Assistant
Contact Chelsea Fox  Chelsea Fox Teacher
Contact Fabiola Hernandez  Fabiola Hernandez Educational Assistant
Contact Valeria Hernandez  Valeria Hernandez Educational Assistant
Contact Frances Johnson  Frances Johnson Educational Assistant
Contact Aisle Mcgrath  Aisle Mcgrath Educational Assistant
Contact Jessica Olivas  Jessica Olivas Educational Assistant
Contact Janet Ponce  Janet Ponce Educational Assistant
Contact David Pruyn  David Pruyn Educational Assistant
Contact Maureen Saul  Maureen Saul SES Secretary
Contact Jennifer Skaggs  Jennifer Skaggs Teacher
Contact Dana Vallejos  Dana Vallejos Teacher
Contact Robert Witt  Robert Witt Teacher

5701 Mojave St. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120 (Map)

Phone: (505) 897-3080
Fax: (505) 898-2894

Contact June Pederson  June Pederson (505) 897-3080 Principal
Office Staff
Contact Melissa Chyo  Melissa Chyo (505) 897-3080 ex: 41805 Secretary
Contact Celina Maestas  Celina Maestas Clerk
Contact Michelle Waldrop  Michelle Waldrop Dean of Students
Contact Carmela Francis  Carmela Francis Cafeteria
Contact Martin Archunde  Martin Archunde Head Custodian
Support Staff
Contact Marisa Dougherty  Marisa Dougherty Social Worker
Contact Tatia Harris-lipe  Tatia Harris-lipe Social Worker
Contact Tamara Judge  Tamara Judge Librarian
Contact Stephen Loftus  Stephen Loftus Physical Education Coach
Contact Paul Palmer  Paul Palmer Music Teacher
Contact Rebecca Scott  Rebecca Scott Counselor
Contact Michelle Vigil  Michelle Vigil Instructional Coach