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Keeping Your Child Healthy

Tips for parents: Keeping your kids healthy.

Does it seem like your child is sick all the time? Children in large groups are breeding grounds for organisms that cause illness. The following tips may help keep the spread of these organisms at bay and keep your child healthy and in school.


  • Hand Washing. Hand washing is the simplest and most effective way to keep your child healthy at school and in the community. Remind your child to wash his/her hands before eating and after using the bathroom, blowing his/her nose and playing outside.

  • Hand Sanitizer. Give your child hand sanitizer to keep in his/her desk or backpack. Remind your child to use before eating and after using shared objects.

  • Do not share personal items. For example water bottles, food or other personal items. If you put the item in your mouth, keep it to yourself.

  • Cough Etiquette. Encourage your child to cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or into the crook of his/her elbow.

  • Avoid those with contagious illness. Reschedule sleepovers and play dates when your child or a friend has symptoms of a communicable illness.

  • Eat well, rest well. Make sure your child eats a well-balanced diet and gets plenty of rest - have a regular bedtime.

  • Immunizations. Make sure your child's immunizations are up to date including an annual flu vaccine.

Prevent the spread of illness at home by implementing these tips at home. From APS Website on 1/11/2014 -